6th Grade Science includes studies and investigations of astronomy, environmental science, zoology and botany. 

During their 7th grade year, students will begin with a study of the physical processes that shape the Earth. It is important that students learn to conduct scientific inquiry throughout the year and this will culminate in a collaborative scientific inquiry project and STEM contest entry.  Most of this project will be created during school hours and a specific timeline of due dates will be provided at the time. 7th grade students will also study cell processes, including genetics and human physiology.  Looking forward to a great year!

Welcome to 8th Grade Science! The 8th grade science curriculum focuses on introductory physics and chemistry concepts/ processes. We will explore physics through activities involving motion, forces, and energy, which will lead us into the atomic level of chemistry. During the year, the 8th grade will also be involved in STEM and  scientific inquiry.   The 8th graders will collaborate in small groups, choosing a STEM inquiry contest to enter. It is a fun year with a lot of exploration and active learning!