Kindergarten Curriculum


Students will implement comprehension skills when reading or listening to literature.  Students will apply phonics and decoding skills to grade level words and stories.  Students will use writing skills to express themselves.  Students will show interest in and respond to different genres of literature.  Students will express themselves orally using acceptable English and will participate in oral activities.
Students will evidence knowledge of God’s love for them.  Students will demonstrate a love of God in their lives.  Students will show respect for God, Mary and the saints through participation in celebrations and feasts of the liturgical calendar.  Students will identify the Bible as the Word of God.  Students will respond to God’s family, the Church.  Students will exhibit an understanding of the significance of the Eucharist.
Students will identify and use numbers in their everyday lives.  Students will use problem-solving skills in their daily lives.  Students will demonstrate a knowledge of spatial relationships.  Students will identify plane and solid geometrical figures in their surroundings.  Students will apply different measurement concepts in their everyday activities.  Students will identify and apply concepts of time and money.  Students will compute simple addition and subtraction equations.
Students will recognize the impact of air in everyday life.  Students will use inquiry-based procedures to observe, grow and analyze plants.  Students will observe and interpret the effects of time, weather and sky.  Students will exhibit respect for God and themselves by practicing good health habits.  Students will demonstrate ability to recognize and categorize dinosaurs, animals, and insects in their environments.
  SOCIAL STUDIES                
Students will show respect for cultural diversity and different peoples in the world by celebrating their holidays.  Students will use and apply the tools of social science in their everyday activities.  Students will show an interest in both history and historical figures of the United States.  Students will recognize their places in society and describe how they show responsibility to and respect for others.